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Local places. Global know-how.

For more than 60 years, Lendlease has been creating places for people to live and thrive. Places that when created right, give back to everyone involved – from investors to residents, local communities and future generations. 

Our shared knowledge, skills and insights from around the world, allow us to harness best practices solutions in sustainable living, design and customer experience.

Our urban regeneration projects provide access to scale while our Build to Rent/Multifamily capability leverages the integrated strengths of Lendlease to develop, own and operate entire apartment buildings. With $14 billion of potential institutional residential for rent product across our international portfolio, be part of our global know-how.

Best in class living​

We create places people want to live, stay and love. Residents have access to flexible leases and superior service, quality eco-conscious living and a sense of community, security and connection.

The result is a Build to Rent/Multifamily product that is created around a simple idea: more yes. More yes for our residents. More yes than our competitors. And more yes to a confident investment.

Invest with us​

Contact Lendlease Group Investments for Build to Rent partnership opportunities globally or explore our regional Investment Management portfolios and assets. 

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