On the back of local, State and Federal approvals, we’ve started work on our Figtree Hill project. Lendlease is committed to the development setting a benchmark in New South Wales for how a balance between conservation and sustainability, and urban development can be reached – with a focus on protecting and growing the Campbelltown koala population. 

While no koalas have been detected on the Figtree Hill site since extensive monitoring commenced in 2016, a comprehensive koala conservation plan has been prepared. As part of this plan, Lendlease is committing $35 million for a range of initiatives to protect and grow the local population. 

These initiatives include protecting and restoring more than 240 hectares of koala habitat on site, an area bigger than Sydney’s Centennial Park. With two proposed underpasses under Appin Road and koala protection fencing, this will provide a continuous and safe corridor for koalas and other wildlife between the Nepean and Georges Rivers. 

On 10 December 2020, Campbelltown City Council noted that Lendlease’s Figtree Hill proposal is, “consistent with the requirements of the Chief Scientist and Engineers Report and addresses the findings of Dr Steve Phillips, whose peer review was recently presented to Council”. 

Initial conservation works have already been completed on site, including the installation of emergency wildlife watering stations across 36 hectares of adjacent land. 

Further conservation actions include, but are not limited to: 
  • Returning 5.7 hectares of cleared pasture lands to high-quality bushland, while 16.6 hectares of low-quality habitat will be enhanced to create high quality bushland. This will create 22.3 hectares of Sandstone Shale Transition Forest, which is a critically endangered ecological community.
  • Supporting the New South Wales Minister for Environment’s plan to double the state’s koala population by 2050 – pledging 36 hectares of land on the eastern side of Appin Road for inclusion in a proposed Georges River Koala National Park. 
  • Undertaking all works in accordance with management plans approved under the Commonwealth Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act and the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Agreement between NSW Government, Campbelltown Council and Lendlease.

Figtree Hill will deliver around 1,700 new homes for families seeking to call Mount Gilead home, helping to take some of the stress out of Sydney’s housing market. The Mount Gilead development represents a $1.6 billion investment into the New South Wales economy, creating 2,000 full-time equivalent jobs annually for the next 10 to 15 years. 

We take our responsibility for wildlife and the environment seriously. The koalas of Campbelltown have been, and will continue to be, the first environmental consideration in our decision making. Lendlease is committed to adopting recommendations based on the latest scientific evidence and advice. 

For more information, please refer to the documents available here