Lendlease and Accenture join forces to accelerate digital solutions in real estate

8 Sep 2021

International real estate group Lendlease and Accenture have today announced a global strategic partnership to accelerate the way the property industry embraces data and insights to achieve better outcomes including sustainability with Lendlease Podium.

Accenture market research shows that the global market opportunity for property lifecycle software solutions is valued at between $2.5 and $4.5 billion. This demand is accelerating as more organisations commit to ambitious sustainability targets, with the latest United Nations Global Impact report revealing that 99 per cent of CEOs see sustainability as critical to their business. 

The Lendlease and Accenture partnership will initially focus on:
  • Developing proof of value via adoption of Podium within both Lendlease and Accenture, before scaling the proposition to the market. This will showcase the multi-dimensional value that can be realised with digital solutions in real estate.
  • Establishing a joint global Podium Product, System Integrator and Services Team, creating new solutions using data and insights.
  • Forming a joint global go-to-market team, with the requisite industry, solutioning and commercial skills to market Podium.
Lendlease Podium Property Insights is earmarked to be rolled out to more than 80 Lendlease and 150 Accenture buildings and precincts around the world. The priority in the initial phase of the partnership will be Australia and Asia, with subsequent expansion into Europe and the United States. 

In a pilot of four buildings, Lendlease collected more than one billion data points during the past six months. Through the Podium Platform, this data has been analysed and recommendations put in place to reduce the carbon impact of the buildings during COVID-19 lockdown periods. Podium Property Insights assisted in achieving a combined 24 per cent reduction in electricity consumption and a 21 per cent reduction in gas consumption across the sites, by tuning systems to operate in line with reduced occupancies. 

Together, Lendlease and Accenture will build on this through co-developing enhancements to the product to accelerate Podium Property Insights globally. 

Lendlease has committed to net-zero emissions by 2025 and absolute zero emissions by 2040. Accenture, who recently appointed their first Chief Responsibility Officer, has also committed to net-zero emissions by 2025. 

Quote attributed to William Ruh, CEO, Lendlease Digital: 

“This year Lendlease announced our commitment to mission zero, an absolute zero target achievement for carbon emissions by 2040. To do this we need a digital pathway for the operation of buildings and places across the globe. With Accenture, we are accelerating this capability and reach for a greener planet. “

Quote attributed to Tara Brady, CEO, Accenture Australia and New Zealand:

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with Lendlease to help accelerate digital transformation in the real estate and construction sectors, through the industry-first Podium platform. We are excited about the revolutionary potential of this new platform, not just from the perspective of increased revenue, productivity uplift and cost reduction – but also in enabling companies to provide better customer and employee experiences, as well as achieve their sustainability goals.”

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