Sydney Metro Martin Place
Integrated Station Development

Project Overview

The new Sydney Metro Martin Place integrated station development includes the new Martin Place Station, two new buildings above the station as well as new underground pedestrian connections and improvements to the public domain.

The new Martin Place Station will deliver new metro rail services – with the ultimate capacity for a metro train every two minutes in each direction under the Sydney CBD – and will also directly link to existing suburban services at Martin Place.

To find out more and receive construction updates about the Sydney Metro Martin Place integrated station development, click here.

Critical State Significant Infrastructure (CSSI) approval documents relating to the integrated station development can be found at the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment Major Projects website here.

Macquarie Group has appointed Lendlease as its design and construction partner. Lendlease is proud to be part of the internationally recognised project team focused on delivering this new customer-centred, transport-led destination.

Sydney Metro is Australia’s biggest public transport project

Services started in May 2019 in the city’s North West with a train every four minutes in the peak. Metro rail will be extended into the CBD and beyond to Bankstown in 2024. There will be new CBD metro railway stations underground at Martin Place, Pitt Street and Barangaroo and new metro platforms under Central.

In 2024, Sydney will have 31 metro railway stations and a 66-kilometre standalone metro railway system. There will be ultimate capacity for a metro train every two minutes in each direction under the Sydney city centre.

Station design and precinct plan

The Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) has approved the Station Design and Precinct Plan (SDPP). The SDPP outlines the urban, landscaping and architectural design for Martin Place Station and shows how it will integrate with the over station development and surrounding precinct. It identifies the design objectives and principles, and discusses opportunities to improve public spaces, connectivity, transport and access. To view the Martin Place Station Design Precinct Plan click here.

Over station development

The Minister for Planning and Public Spaces has provided final approval for both North and South over station development including modification applications to the SSD Concept Approval and the Detailed SSD Applications.

You can view the Conditions of Approval set out by DPIE at the following links below:

Management Plans

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