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Welcome to Place Futures!

We are an independent, people-focused, strategic advisory team, here to partner with you to create your ideal future workplace. We exist to help you achieve your organisational goals by leveraging your workplace as a core aspect of your competitive advantage.

We know that more than ever “work” is beyond the physical workplace, and we use robust, evidence-based data and human centred design approaches to co-create a holistic work and place strategy with your leaders and teams.

We look at things differently, with a deliberate future focus. We’re not afraid to ask the hard questions, or dig into sticky problems. As a global innovator in the property industry, Lendlease has built a reputation for influencing the next generation of sustainable, inclusive and innovative workplace environments.

Partnering with you, we will continue to raise the bar by delivering internationally recognised workplaces that enable people to work more effectively, inspire greater collaboration, instil a sense of community, attract and retain top talent, and make the best use of environmental resources.

These are high performance workplaces.

Our philosophy

We believe your workplace can be one of your greatest assets. It is the unspoken declaration of your brand, your culture and your values, and it demonstrates how you invest in your people day-to-day. We know that a place that works helps people focus on the work that really matters. 

How we work with you

We have walked the transformation journey as trusted advisors with customers all around the world as they embark on large scale workplace transformations. Some of our key capabilities include:

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