Urban Regeneration

We love cities and at Lendlease we’re experts at creating the best Places through Urban Regeneration.

Cities are constantly evolving and facing new challenges as their populations grow. 

Urban Regeneration allows us to help cities solve these challenges by revitalising unused and underutilised spaces and turning them into places people want to live, work and play in.

Using our integrated delivery model and global scale, we partner with cities, governments and communities to create the best shops, workplaces, apartments and public areas and to deliver spaces that are functional, enjoyable and foster genuine connection between people and place.

Lendlease is proud to be an industry leader in designing and building sustainable, innovative and vibrant city places, reflecting the commitment of our founder to create positive environmental and social impacts.

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Transforming city spaces

Urban Regeneration is about revitalising urban spaces and understanding what makes great cities truly great. Such projects typically involve large-scale, mixed-used redevelopments (including apartments, workplaces, retail and public spaces) of inner-urban locations. The key is to transform areas by repurposing existing infrastructure, to deliver something that’s special and tailor-made for the diverse communities that live within them.

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A fresh look at the city home

As the world’s population moves to urban areas, we see a return to the intensity and functionality of inner-city precincts. Bringing today’s city homes to life requires expert vision for affordable living, clever design, a passion for quality and deep expertise in fostering a sense of belonging and community. We offer this expertise through our city developments, which have a reputation for smarter thinking in relation to the design and construction of homes.

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Reimagined workspaces

Urban Regeneration helps deliver better city workspaces where we can do our best thinking and collaboration. We create places where people work to make a life, not just a living. Lendlease is responding to workplace trends with innovative solutions designed to increase productivity and collaboration, encourage creativity, attract the best talent, incubate ideas and provide flexibility for a diverse workforce.

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Curating retail experiences

The best shopping and retail experiences go beyond merely meeting everyday needs to excite, inspire and change the way we experience places. Lendlease’s stance on the importance of restaurants, cafes, shops and services to cities is unequivocal; it’s a vital component of creating the best cities. We embrace retail as being part of the fabric of a city and an essential component of vibrant street life.

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Brand Partnerships

Through tailored packages, we enable brands to target the right person with the right message across our property portfolio including Residential Communities, Retirement Living Villages, Urban Regeneration Projects and Retail Shopping Centres.

Urban Regeneration facts & figures


More than 60 years of innovative and sustainable development combining city living, work and play


23 major urbanisation projects around the world


$114 billion urban regeneration projects in our global pipeline


100% of our total development pipeline has achieved or is targeting green certification.

Our commitments to Urban Regeneration

Statistics show that over 60% of the world's population is expected to live in urban communities by 2030*.

We are committed to creating communities that meet the needs of people today and tomorrow. Click on the infographic to learn more about our commitment to urban regeneration.


* World Urbanization Prospects: The 2018 Revision, United Nations.

Our international projects

Sydney, Australia
Darling Square
Sydney, Australia
ICC Hotel
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Sydney, Australia
Brisbane, Australia
Brisbane Showgrounds
Melbourne, Australia
Victoria Harbour
Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne Quarter
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Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne Connect
London, UK
Elephant Park
Chicago, USA
Paya Lebar Quarter

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