Our commitments

What we do and why we do it matters.

And HOW we do it matters just as much. How we create places and bring our vision to life is our unique point of difference. Everything we do, from setting our strategic vision to engaging with stakeholders, is guided by our five commitments.

  • Expand all Close all
  • Our commitment to perfecting the detail and the bigger picture.

    Large, inner-city sites are rare and challenging opportunities – and we believe Lendlease has unique insight and experience to offer the best in such developments. We pride ourselves on our ability to help solve the challenges cities face and with expert master planning solutions. Our visions set the benchmark in meeting the needs of communities and seamlessly integrating Urban Regeneration projects with the existing fabric of city precincts. This vision then guides every step of the place-making process and delivers long-term value for the cities and the large, diverse and integrated communities that live in them.

    We do this by:

    • Considering the vision of a city first and foremost
    • Understanding how a site is positioned and fits in relation to the shape of the city including the amenities, transport and places that surround it
    • Planning places that are connected, integrated and visited by the city community
    • Creating a masterplan for the whole of a development, so it comes to life seamlessly alongside existing urban areas and evolves as a genuine destination.
  • Our Commitment to meeting the needs of different customers.

    Diversity is key to cultivating vibrancy in a city. And the best cities are made of diverse people.

    We foster diversity and provide choice by designing our solutions to appeal to, or be configured for, a range of customers from companies and organisations to investors and apartment tenants.

    We do this by:

    • Offering a range of options and price diversity across our portfolio
    • Treating our customers and clients as our number one priority
    • Ensuring our amenity offering is relevant to the needs, budgets and aspirations of a city community
    • Continuously challenging ourselves to better understand client needs and the changing nature of the communities we serve
    • Communicating clearly and honestly throughout the client development journey.
  • Our commitment to fostering the connection between people and places.

    We “Create the Best Places”. These are more than fantastic places to live and work; they’re also socially, environmentally and economically sustainable, with everything you need, want and desire close by.

    While our Urban Regeneration approach can be applied to individual buildings, the real magic happens when we weave all the different elements of a city with all the skills of our business into a cohesive whole.

    Then we create the best places – places that meet the varied, nuanced and personal needs of the people who live and work there.

    We do this by:

    • Co-creating our visions for places hand-in-hand with all stakeholders, so what matters most to the people who live there is always at the forefront of our decision-making and approach
    • Creating the right mix of shops, offices, public spaces and amenities and city homes
    • Carefully selecting, and working with, retailers to realise the co-created vision for a place.
  • Our commitment to instil quality in everything we do.

    Our commitment to quality applies to everything from our thinking and design to our fitouts and finishes.

    We keep our quality promise by delivering in a timely manner, leveraging all the different parts of the Lendlease business, and providing exceptional products that grow in value over time.

    We do this by:

    • Choosing material and building approaches against a thorough production methodology, ensuring structural and functional integrity that represents value for money
    • Meeting the benchmarks of our internal quality assurance programs
    • Delighting customers and clients throughout the customer journey
    • Ensuring the scale, mix, pricing and finishes will be appropriate for the people using and living in the area
    • Understanding lifestyles, work styles and changing needs as an extension of design and delivering products in line with this
    • Collaborating with partners to ensure the latest materials and advances in design, sustainability and technology are considered and included where appropriate in properties
    • Creating distinctive yet quality facades that evoke a sense of place, identity, pride, homecoming and belonging.
  • As our founder famously said, we have an obligation to society, to the communities who live in our places and to every individual customer we serve, to leave a legacy for the future. We are committed to making a meaningful and tangible difference for cities and their people – now, and in the long term.

    Our work matters to us. We are engaged every step of the way and we cultivate authentic relationships with our stakeholders.

    We do this by:

    • Being clear on the benefits of projects and long-term vision for community, government and occupants
    • Considering the current use and utility of a location as well as the future demands and needs of the city
    • Partnering with governments, local groups and individuals to deliver sustainable community spaces, initiatives and programs
    • Providing environmental and sustainable social or cultural and community-focused solutions
    • Undertaking real and deep engagement with the communities who will live in the places we create and curate.