2nd Year Graduate, Osbourne South Development Project

Jade is a proud Aboriginal woman, her mob originates from Hermannsburg, NT, which belongs to the Arunta peoples. She grew up in Cairns where she completed high school before moving to South Australia to study at the University of Adelaide.

Jade is currently working on the Osbourne South Development Project – Surface Ships project. Her current role is a Package Manager for two trades site wide. Working within one of the multiple building teams, Jade manages the day to day running and operations of the two trades assigned to her project.

She also currently the Regional Business Administration for Lendlease NGER reporting platform for SA. Which involves ensuring Lendlease South Australia footprint is compliant in its reporting of greenhouse gas emissions, energy production, energy consumption and other information specified under NGER legislation.

How did you hear about the program and what made you apply?

I have been interning through CareerTrackers with Lendlease since the summer of 2012-2013.  From June 2018 I was working as a full time undergraduate, so really it was just the next step, after many discussions about the pros and cons of the graduate program, I applied and was accepted in the 2019 cohort. 

What has been your most rewarding experience since joining Lendlease?

There has been so many. As much as my experience on my current project has allowed me to see a project from Tender to Completion, my favourite experience would still be interning with the Design Team in Sydney, working on Barangaroo. 

I have also had to opportunity to be involved in onsite heritage management, as well as Indigenous events held onsite.

What difference has this made for you?

Being able to complete several internships throughout the Lendlease businesses has greatly advantaged my experience with the company. I believe the opportunities have been a great promotion of my work ethic and adaptability into new teams, working methods and generally working within a team.

Personally, it’s been a real test of my social skills. Meeting new people and working with new people, it’s definitely helped me to improve my communication skills with my colleagues throughout my time with  Lendlease.

What is one piece of advice for an incoming Graduate?

Be open. Be open to and put your hand up for all experiences and opportunities. You’ll never know who will be there or what you’ll learn.

Use the opportunity to network and introduce yourself to everyone you can.