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Julia MacDonald, Finance, Enterprise Support, 2018 cohort graduate

Julia MacDonald

Finance Graduate, 2018 cohort.

1. What projects did you work on during the Graduate Program?

During the Graduate program, I had the opportunity to work on diverse projects in each of my rotations. I was able to travel to Lendlease projects across Australia to assist with reviews, participate in the implementation of a new monthly reporting finance system, and assist in creating a learning program for Lendlease Graduates. The diversity of these experiences gave me a well-rounded view of finance at Lendlease.

2. What were your day-to-day activities?

Each rotation as a Finance Graduate offered me something different in the day-to-day. Whether it be completing month end for our Property business unit or assisting in writing reports for Senior Management. I would encourage new Graduates to volunteer for as many diverse tasks as possible, it’s the best way to learn and to find out what areas you most enjoy.

3. What are 1-2 things you wish you knew before you started?

It’s so important to speak up and offer your perspective, even from the first day. Lendlease encourages everyone to speak up – who knows, you might have picked up on something that someone else has missed.

The second thing is to volunteer for as many experiences as possible. Whether it be site tours, or projects outside of your business unit. The Graduate program is the best time to experience as much as possible, and everyone encourages you to expand your horizons.

4. What has been the most rewarding professional experience since joining Lendlease?

Running Community Day projects has been the most rewarding experience at Lendlease so far. I enjoyed volunteering throughout University, so it was great to find out I could continue to do it throughout work. It was also a great way to meet colleagues from all over the business.
Rob Ward Information Technology, Enterprise Support, 2018 cohort graduate

Rob Ward

Information Technology, Corporate Functions, 2018 cohort graduate

Rob, Graduate 2018 Cohort

1. What project are you currently working on? 

I’m currently working on creating a digital online portal that will house all data for a project in interactive visuals. It’s a great team and I’m learning a lot! 

2. What are your day to day activities? 

My daily activities involve running scrum meetings at the start of each day, running planning and retrospective sessions, data modelling and portal design. 

3. What are 1-2 things you wish you knew before you started? 

I learn more in a week than I ever learnt at university! With so many different aspects of the projects I am learning about things that I never even thought about. It might seem like a daunting first day at work, but everyone is so friendly and happy to help you out! 

4. What has been the most rewarding professional experience since joining Lendlease?

The most rewarding experience has been the different situations I have encountered through the multiple graduate program rotations. In the past year, I have gone from learning and practicing presenting skills to running daily meetings for a large IT project. The differences in these professional environments has meant that I am constantly learning and developing as a person and it will put me in the best possible position professionally when I finish the two year program.


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