Embracing diversity and creating a culture of Inclusiveness to optimise performance

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Lendlease, we believe in creating the best workplace where we respect people for who they are and promote a proactive culture of care and support. Diversity & Inclusion not only means people feel valued, it helps build a better, stronger and more innovative Lendlease.

Our Diversity & Inclusion strategy focuses on: flexible work, inclusive leadership and gender equity.

Diversity and Inclusion governance Image

Diversity and Inclusion governance

Our strong internal governance structure supports our drive for an inclusive workplace. We have established our global Diversity Council, and agreed on global priorities to achieve market leadership in workplace inclusion. Our regional Asia Diversity Council chaired by the Asia CEO supplements the work of our Global Council and ensures alignment and synergy across Asia and across Lendlease globally. We have established Employee Resource Groups to advocate and advise on diversity issues across our company, and our dedicated Diversity & Inclusion Asia lead drives policy development and strategy, ensuring that diversity and inclusion remains at the forefront of our daily work.


Our Diversity & Inclusion policies are monitored by the Sustainability Committee at Lendlease. This is a Committee of the Lendlease Board to which the Board of Directors has delegated the responsibility to review the effectiveness of policies on workplaces diversity and equal opportunity.

Diversity and Inclusion is a standing agenda item for review and discussion at each Sustainability Committee meeting and recommendations are made to the Board of Directors as appropriate. The Sustainability Committee is also establishing, with the management and the Board, a process that will measure the extent to which the Board and senior executives adhere to the measurable objectives.