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How we work

Our four operating principles

Our principles and values define how we do business – they drive our thinking, actions, processes and benchmarks. While we’re committed to growth and progress, we know the integrity of the journey is just as important as the destination we work towards.

Our values

Our core values guide our behaviours and underpin our Code of Conduct. These are the values we live by every day.

Supply chain

We work with a diverse global supply chain who share our values and principles. This helps make the places we create incident and injury free for our people and the public, while also helping us maintain a sustainable and internationally competitive supply chain.  

If you are interested in becoming a Lendlease Supplier, please: 

Registration requires suppliers to answer a set of questions that allow us to understand more about your business, and comes at no financial cost to you. 

For more information, please contact globalsupplychain@lendlease.com  

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Register to become a supplier

The Lendlease Supplier Portal is our new single point of entry for our suppliers – allowing you to register your interest in working with Lendlease, update contact and business information and access business critical documentation (like our Supplier Code of Conduct and GMRs.)

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