When Dick Dusseldorp and Stuart Hornery set up the Lendlease Foundation in 1983, the objective was to nurture the wellbeing of employees and their families, and support employees involvement in charitable and community affairs. It was a goal ahead of its time and over the years it continues to prove to be something that makes us special. 

Enriching Lives
Community Development
Inspiring Interest

Health & Wellbeing

We aim to put people's wellbeing first. Our programs focus on maintaining and enhancing physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Small acts, big rewards

We engage with the community to ensure the places we create continue to prosper. We form long term partnerships and build capability and capacity into our communities.

Inspiring interest through social value creation

The delivery of positive social impact through Lendlease Foundation's activities will inspire our people and others and engender loyalty, trust and goodwill.

Health & Wellbeing

Putting people's wellbeing first

The Lendlease Foundation has evolved its wellbeing portfolio of programs to address the four pillars of the Lendlease Health and Wellbeing Framework. External partnerships are key to the development delivery of these programs.

Supporting Healthier Minds - Developing Healthier Bodies - Building Healthier Places - Creating Healthier Cultures

Community Day

Community Day

Community Day, established in 1996, is an annual event where we volunteer our time and skills to make a difference in the communities where we live and work.

We match employee skills' with community needs to deliver and support a range of projects. We address social, economic and environmental issues by providing services such as; design, build, clean, demolish, plan, paint, repair and teach.


Springboard is one of Lendlease Foundation’s flagship programs and is unique to Lendlease

Each year, approximately 250 employees from around the world have the chance to participate in this intensive five day personal development experience, structured to help employees deal with personal change, explore hidden potential, develop greater confidence and self awareness and live a more sustainable life.

The program is also designed to generate a positive legacy for our community partners by offering a highly interactive and rewarding volunteering and community engagement component to the Springboard experience