Listening to residents

Inspired by Camden’s focus on finding new ways of involving communities in decision-making, we will take a resident-led approach and evolve a masterplan for Euston by listening to local voices, empowering residents to shape the future of the area, and unlocking opportunities for local benefits together with residents and businesses.

Creating jobs and opportunities

The social, economic and well-being benefits of good work are widely recognised and providing this, both for our people and in our places, is an important element of our approach to sustainable development. We are working with local partners to make sure Euston residents, and young people in particular, have the skills, opportunities and connections to secure well-paid and meaningful work.

Focus on STEAM and Schools

We are working closely with Camden, local schools and our project consultants to bring innovative STEAM learning into the classroom. By building our relationships with schools, we can develop our understanding of how we can demonstrate the opportunities and rewards of the engineering mindset. This can be as simple as ‘how do we solve this problem?’ and ‘how do we overcome this challenge?’. We are also currently exploring how we can deliver STEAM initiatives online through the use of streamed talks, online resources and virtual events.

Working with Camden

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