In planning and delivering services, Living Utilities looks at the entire water cycle which lets us discover fresh ways to link different elements to optimise water usage. Whether it’s a recycled water plant or an irrigation system for public spaces, every aspect is designed to deliver long-term benefits to developers, investors and users.

Our water solutions incorporate innovative systems that:

  • Conserve high quality drinking (potable) water
  • Produce fit-for-purpose recycled water for things like watering gardens, flushing toilets and washing clothes
  • Irrigate parks, gardens and sports fields to help improve the environment and foster a collective sense of wellbeing
  • Maintain healthy waterways for the enjoyment and health of people, as well as local fauna and flora 
  • Support the economic needs of residents and businesses with efficient, affordable and reliable water services.

When it comes to energy, smart and innovative solutions that support energy productivity are critical to realising the economic and sustainability benefits from any energy infrastructure investments. Living Utilities looks for tailored solutions that tick all the boxes for investors, business and consumers: sustainable, smart, economically viable and capable of delivering ongoing returns.

Living Utilities can offer expert assistance at every stage of the development process including:

  • Reducing headworks costs through better solutions such as behind-the-meter generation, better procurement and capital deferment with incumbent utilities for ‘business as usual’ solutions
  • Assessing the best solutions for energy delivery and management, such as renewable energy like solar photovoltaic (PV) and waste-to-energy systems
  • Exploring opportunities for integrating new technologies as they come online, such as battery storage that can dramatically increase the effectiveness of distributed generation.

Living Utilities can also help create methodologies to assess and tailor energy solutions to meet future consumer demands, as well as advise on strategies to meet sustainability targets such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions, energy-efficient building materials, and initiatives and transport issues.

As the demand for new technology increases at an ever more rapid rate, today’s places need infrastructure and utilities that can scale and transform to meet it. This is most apparent when it comes to the provision of ultra-high speed network connectivity. By engaging in the strategic procurement and deployment of fibre to the premises (FTTP) networks and intelligent grids, Living Utilities can offer a chance to stay ahead of the curve – delivering best-in-class facilities, reducing capital expenditure and leveraging potential new sources of revenue.

Living Utilities fibre solutions can:

  • Be efficient and sustainable without the need to construct a complex copper network
  • Offer some of the fastest ultra high-speed internet in Australia
  • Support a clean roof policy with TV delivered via fibre
  • Offer a compelling point of difference for your project
  • Help realise the Lendlease goal of creating the best places to live and work in.
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