Lendlease stands by the Figtree Hill project, and by our industry-leading sustainability and environmental credentials.

  • There will be more core koala habitat as a result of Figtree Hill
  • We’ll fund underpasses to reduce car strikes on Appin Road
  • Exclusion fencing will protect koalas from existing threat of predators and car strikes
  • We’ll reinstate habitat links between the two rivers for the first time in 100 years

We’re embarking on this project because not only will it deliver a much-needed new community for families in the Campbelltown/Macarthur region, it will also enable immediate and real action to protect and grow the local Campbelltown koala population.

By committing to Figtree Hill at Gilead, we’re committing to a $35m koala conservation plan, the only fully funded plan that will deliver the necessary environmental infrastructure and local research to help local koalas thrive. 

The Campbelltown koala population is one of the only populations expanding. By following recommendations identified by the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer, our project can double the koala carrying capacity of the site. This is key to further growing Campbelltown’s koala colony.

Environmental works are well underway: we’ve already fenced and registered 20 hectares of new bio-banks. The bushland rehabilitation process has begun with the planting of thousands of new trees – future habitat preferred by local koalas.

We’re looking forward to delivering this new community for the Macarthur Region, and the opportunity this project has presented to help protect Campbelltown’s koala colony for future generations.
Council meeting – Figtree Hill planning proposal

On 2 November, our Figtree Hill project team attended a Campbelltown Council Meeting to submit an amendment to our planning proposal for our new community development at Gilead.

Our planning proposal amendment seeks to triple the quantity of public open space on site; increase the retention of scattered paddock trees and farm dams / ponds through improved location of public open space; and increase environmental protection through inclusion of new land-use zones that better suit the registered bio banks.

The amendment also seeks to increase housing diversity for the new community, by allowing two-story town houses and provision of local retail convenience reducing traffic on Appin Road. 

Read about our amendment and our plan for koala conservation here.  
21 October 2021: An opinion piece published in the Sydney Morning Herald by Elizabeth Farrelly on 16 October 2021 contains a number of factual inaccuracies and misleading statements regarding Lendlease’s Figtree Hill project. Click here for our response.

24 September 2021: We share the passion of local environmental groups to protect and grow Campbelltown’s koalas. In fact, koalas have been our key environmental consideration during planning for Figtree Hill. Click here for more.

If you’d like to get in contact with our Figtree Hill team, email [email protected]