Creating innovative power solutions

Lendlease's latest sustainable solution in the UK - Energy Hub - will provide heat and hot water to approximately 3,000 local homes and feed electricity back to the grid.

  • 19 Apr 2017
  • by
  • Paul King
For the first time, global renewable energy capacity has overtaken coal to become the world's largest installed power source, prompting an increased need for large-scale renewable energy sources. Statistics show growth in capacity of these sources will surpass oil, gas, coal or nuclear in the next five years.

Businesses must do more to plan the support and impact of this changing energy model; attitudes and abilities must transform and enhance in order for renewable energy to become viable on a major scale.

Elephant and Castle, an urban regeneration development in central London, has been recognised by C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group for its commitment to become one of 19 "Climate Positive" cities around the world. The Energy Hub housed as part of the urban laboratory will deliver net zero carbon emissions and affordable heat and hot water to thousands of homes across the UK's Elephant Park.

The Energy Hub will be utilising Biomethane gas, which is a 100% renewable energy source, produced by the natural breakdown of organic material such as household waste and has already been used to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

When the Energy Hub is in place, Biomethane gas will be injected into the United Kingdom's national grid, offsetting the natural gas that has been used at the Energy Hub and bringing it to net zero carbon position. The hub also produces electricity which can be injected back into the grid, reducing the waste energy and increasing the efficiency of the process.