New Lendlease Indigenous Supplier Diversity Program supports sustainable business growth

Eight Indigenous-owned businesses have signed Memorandums of Understanding with Lendlease during NAIDOC Week, indicating their agreement to participate in our Gymea Indigenous Supplier Diversity Program.

Diversity and Inclusion
  • 5 Jul 2017
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  • Lendlease Author Better Places
The program aims to provide long-term support for small to medium Indigenous businesses, enabling them to significantly “scale and stretch” their operations over a five-year period.

The Gymea program has been developed to support the emerging voice of Indigenous businesses who are driving a business culture that promotes equality, flexibility, wellness and respect of land and environment. Lendlease will work with selected suppliers beyond project to project contract relationships, to develop longer-term partnerships that will drive social and economic outcomes for them and the wider community. 

The program also aligns with the intent of the Federal Government’s Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) and with Supply Nation (Indigenous supplier directory) and forms a core pillar of Lendlease’s updated Elevate Reconciliation Action Plan, released in November 2016. Lendlease is one of only 20 companies to achieve this level of plan development and the Gymea program is a leader in the Indigenous supplier diversity space.

 “Lendlease has been discussing the development of this program with Supply Nation for a couple of years, recognising that the Indigenous business sector is still emerging and needs hands on support to increase the number and scale of suppliers. By working with the selected suppliers in this way we can more meaningfully support their growth and the growth of the sector in general,” said Lendlease Group Executive, Indigenous Engagement & RAP, Cath Brokenborough.

The first group of suppliers participating in the program reflects a diverse industry and geographical spread. One example is Kennelly Constructions, who operate in New South Wales, Queensland and Northern Territory. 

Kennelly’s managing director, Shane Kennelly commented: “We have seen a strong desire from Lendlease, driven from the leadership team down, to work with Indigenous businesses, to help us grow and be successful. Being a part of the discussions, and included in developing how to measure and monitor the success of an Indigenous business, including the flow-on effects to employees and the community, has been a really positive outcome.”

The Gymea program builds on Lendlease’s broader Indigenous procurement program to increase business with Indigenous suppliers with over 37 Indigenous suppliers currently pre-qualified on its procurement platform.  

“The program is a positive step towards Lendlease’s goal of activating a vibrant Indigenous business eco-system that benefits from partnerships between government, the community and corporates, nurturing Indigenous businesses during different stages of their lifecycle,” says Ms Brokenborough. “It is also proving to be a tremendous learning opportunity for Lendlease as we develop our sustainable partnering skills. It’s a win-win outcome for all.”

Diversity and Inclusion