Exciting times ahead for new Lendlease Indigenous Supplier Diversity Program

Brisbane based creative agency, Gilimbaa, is one of eight Indigenous owned businesses recently to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Lendlease, indicating their agreement to participate in our Gymea Indigenous Supplier Diversity Program.

  • 14 Sep 2017
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  • Lendlease Author Better Places

“Through the Gymea program Lendlease works with small to medium Indigenous businesses beyond project to project contract relationships, to develop longer-term partnerships that enable them to significantly ‘scale and stretch’ their operations,” said Shasidharan CSP, Lendlease Head of Procurement & Supply Chain, Property. 

“Although it’s still early days of the Gymea program, we are encouraged by the social and economic outcomes already being achieved through our partnership with select Indigenous suppliers such as Gilimbaa.” 

Amanda Lear, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Gilimbaa creative agency said, “There is no question that joining the Lendlease Gymea Program has had a positive, measured impact for the Gilimbaa team, our pipeline, and plans for the future. The addition of Gilimbaa to the broader Lendlease marketing panel has seen an immediate increase in projects from across multiple areas of the business. 

“Even in these early months of the program, the move has brought such a measured, consistent strength to our cash flow and forecasting that we have hired an additional Project Manager and had the ability to create a permanent role for our talented Indigenous Design Intern, Tarni O'Shea. 

“The Gymea program brings an entirely different dimension to client/supplier relationships and delivery when all parties are committed to a long-term strategy. Lendlease has been a beloved client for over six years, and the Gymea program not only builds on our past work and relationships but lays the foundations for an incredible future ahead."

It’s an exciting time ahead for our Gymea program, both for Lendlease and for Indigenous business.

Find out more about the Gymea Indigenous Supplier Diversity Program here.