5 Ways Lendlease works to create prosperity in their communities

More than housing, Lendlease works to create opportunity through their skilling and employment initiatives.

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  • 5 Jun 2018
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When it comes to our communities, we are dedicated to creating places that thrive. We know it’s not just about housing and neighbourhoods, but creating opportunity and prosperity, too. Here are five ways Lendlease works to create communities that provide all of this and more.  

1. We work for solutions 

Over twelve years ago, Lendlease Communities’ first skilling and employment centre opened in Sydney’s west. As the surrounding area began to grow and infrastructure was needed, there was an obvious skilling and employment need in the area. The goal of the Skilling & Employment Centre at St Marys was to create a pathway of opportunity between industry and residents.

Throughout the years*,
over 4,500 people have gained employment;
72% of clients have achieved jobs within
10 kilometres of the Centre;
57% of jobs are ongoing full time and part time; and
43% of jobs are casual or short term.

“Our skilling and employment initiatives help create a legacy that Lendlease is proud of “says Pete Cummins, National Economic Development Manager at Lendlease. “The economic benefit continues long after the development phase and sets up the community for ongoing success”.

2. We work for the individual
What makes this kind of program unique, is the tangible difference it makes at an individual level. “These centres change lives – and as a company, we’re extremely proud of that,” says Cummins.

For Amber, an indigenous woman in Western Sydney, the Skilling & Employment Centre has been life changing. Although she had limited work experience, Amber was very keen to learn and grow. She was the perfect candidate for a traineeship at the centre. Amber completed a Certificate III in Business Administration and represented Lendlease in a Young Leaders Forum in addition to winning the MyGateway Indigenous Trainee of the Year in 2014. For Amber, the traineeship helped land her a job in real estate and the opportunities have continued to roll in.

“I am so proud of Amber and her success. It’s great for the Lendlease businesses to hear about the success of a young indigenous woman and the progression of her career, commencing with a traineeship and the support of Lendlease’s Skilling & Employment Centre,” says Jan Pastuck, the Manager of the Skilling & Employment Centre in St Marys.

3. We work with meaningful partners
To facilitate worthwhile employment outcomes that put people first, we’re committed to partnering with stakeholders who are community-focussed. In Yarrabilba QLD, for instance, Lendlease has partnered with like-minded organisations to create ‘The Exchange’ –  a one-stop-shop for training and skills development that helps connect residents to employment opportunities, as well as works as an information resource about businesses, social enterprises, and community services. 

The ‘Exchange’ has been a coming together of organisations with common goals, including:
  • Access Community Services – a community based not-for-profit organisation that provides settlement, employment, training, youth and social enterprise services, focusing on the migrant and refugee community. Access is also the organisation that manages and runs The Exchange on a daily basis.
  • yourtown: a not-for-profit organisation that focuses on providing support services for young people and families, with a focus on disadvantaged young people as well as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Gold Coast School of Construction: an enterprise based Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that is embedded in the construction industry, with a focus on pre-trade training and apprenticeships for young people.
  • The Hornery Institute: an independent, non-profit consultancy group who works with local communities, city leaders and partner organisations to co-create bold solutions for urban life.
With the success of The Exchange at Yarrabilba, two more Lendlease communities are following suit and opening an ‘Exchange’ of their own.  Atherstone in Victoria launched in September 2017 and Calderwood Valley, NSW is expected to open mid-2018.  Learn more about The Exchange here: 

4. We work to meet the needs of the community
The aim of our skilling and employment initiatives are to create economic prosperity in the places where people live. 
At St Mary’s Skilling & Employment Centre we have recently helped almost 300* job seekers gain employment in the booming construction industry through the Construction Employment Initiative which was launched by Lendlease in March 2016.
We are currently assisting local employers fill 80# vacancies in a variety of positions including civil and construction roles, labouring, traffic controllers, plant operators, traineeships and apprenticeships.

Eleanore Lundall of Colyton was looking to get back into the workforce after an
absence of five years and is grateful for the assistance she received from the Centre.

“After receiving resume and interview advice and retaking a qualification, I secured a job as Traffic Controller with Complete Staff Solutions Traffic Control in Penrith.

“It feels amazing to be back in work. There is work out there, you just have to put yourself out there and be prepared to learn new skills,” said Eleanore.

In Yarrabilba, The Exchange has become a vital resource for residents and local businesses, offering assistance to anyone looking for alternative opportunities - whether they’re unemployed, underemployed or currently employed and looking for a career change.  And it's open to the whole community - not just to residents of Lendlease neighbourhoods. 

Since first launching in December 2016,
The Exchange at Yarrabilba has:
Registered just over 900 people;
Assisted approximately 115 people into skilling programs; and 
Assisted over 375 people into employment outcomes.**

5. We work to evolve
Lendlease knows that learning and growing is an essential part of success, which is why our skilling and employment initiatives evolve too. As the demand for certain skills change and career opportunities progress, our offering has to change too. At Atherstone, coding and robotic classes are being offered to help keep the skills of residents relevant. In Sydney’s West, too, the employment opportunities on offer have progressed with changes in the area – with more retail and hospitality opportunities on offer than ever before.

From the individual to the community to the neighbourhood and society – Lendlease’s support works to benefit everyone and generate economic prosperity for generations to come. 

Visit our Communities’ website to learn more about Lendlease Communities across Australia. 

*Figures as at April 2018
#Vacancies as at May 2018
**Figures as at March 2018

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