Two of our employees talk about their experiences of working at Lendlease

Last year we officially became an early adopter of gender pay gap reporting. UK government regulations mean companies with more than 250 employees must report their gender pay gaps each year before April. The gender pay gap - the difference between average earnings for men and women - is separate to equal pay, being paid the same for carrying out the same or a similar job, which we already do.

Diversity and Inclusion
  • 12 Dec 2018
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In the 12 months since our first report we have reduced the gap within our overall UK business by 2% to 17.4%. This infographic displays key information from the Gender Pay Gap report. For the full report, please click here. That our initiatives are having a positive impact on our people, and our culture, is very satisfying. This is only the beginning though, there is so much more to do and so much more we want to achieve. 

Our people are who make this change possible. They are the reason we continue to strive to be better and they enable us to progress. There may be fewer women in our business than men, but they are critical to our success, which is why we’re investing in their progress by offering better access to senior roles. 

Here, two of our people talk about their experiences of working with us. 


I joined Lendlease in 2007 as a Graduate Accountant in our construction business. I have since made my way from an analyst to senior manager level, covering a variety of finance roles. During the past 10 years, I have had two children and whilst it was initially difficult returning to work after a year’s maternity leave, each time, I have worked with some incredible people who have supported me both professionally and personally.

A few months ago, as part of my development plan, I started to explore what options there were to expand my knowledge of the wider Lendlease business and move into roles outside of construction. My manager supported me through this and was a great mentor. I have now joined the investment management business as a Senior Finance Manager, where I am responsible for establishing the finance platform for the new funds the business is launching.

I have also been able to take part in Lendlease’s Empower programme for women, which is one of the best development programmes I have ever participated in.


I have worked at Lendlease for 23 years, first joining the graduate scheme as a quantity surveyor. The variety of roles available is part of the reason why I’ve stayed.

I had my first child just more than five years ago and when I returned to work I came back fulltime with flexi hours – the same pattern as I work now. Flexible working has become more established in the years between having my first and second child.

I’m based on site and am completely open with clients about the hours I work. When I explain my situation, they accept it and I have always delivered on the objectives. Clients are more accepting of flexible working these days and are interested in working with companies that are more diverse. The construction industry knows it needs to change and that it needs more women. Progress has been very slow, but there are positive signs of change.

Diversity and Inclusion