Celebrating 10 years of Be Onsite

Be-Onsite is Lendlease UK’s award-winning not-for-profit organisation that works alongside our projects to support less advantaged people with employment and lifelong careers.​

  • 15 Aug 2019
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  • Lendlease Author Better Places

What are the tangible outcomes that we achieved? 

Over the last decade, Be-Onsite has screened and registered over 1,960 candidates, trained over 890 people and directly employed over 650 people. 75 per cent of candidates who complete our training, take up an employment offer from Be Onsite, with 43 per cent holding positions for more than six months.  

Why is this initiative important? 

Providing job opportunities combined with tailored support is critical for people who face barriers to work.  Only 11 per cent of the UK’s 30 million workforce are from an ethnic minority, with only three per cent working in construction. 57 per cent of Be-Onsite employees have come from a BAME background. One in three adult males between 18 and 52 has a criminal record in the UK, and 22 per cent of BeOnsite employees are from this cohort. Nationally, nearly half of adults (48 per cent) reoffend within one year of release but 95 per cent of Be-Onsite’s former offenders haven’t returned to crime. 

Key steps to make it happen (the How…): 

Be-Onsite works with our business, supply chain and customers to source jobs suitable for new entrants. A selection process with a network of national and local referral partners finds and matches candidates to roles on offer. Following a short period of up-skilling, Be-Onsite directly employs individuals as they transition to their role, providing crucial one-to-one practical and pastoral support to give employees the best chance of building a career.  

What's next?

Be-Onsite’s challenge is now to scale up and grow so they can support people over the next decade. Involvement in some of our biggest new developments such as Silvertown, Euston and Birmingham Smithfield will be key to achieving this.