Lendlease Building Australia is now a carbon neutral constructor

Our Australian Building business has become one of Australia’s first carbon neutral constructors.

  • 27 Sep 2019
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  • Lendlease Author Better Places

As part of our global commitment to climate action, our employees were asked to vote on the offset projects used to achieve this milestone. Among the votes, there was overwhelming support for the Great Barrier Reef project from Australian options and an even split for our global options.  

With these preferences in mind, we have invested in a portfolio of certified carbon reduction projects supporting the Great Barrier Reef and renewable energy projects in Asia. 

The purchase of these offsets completes step two of our four step de-carbonisation strategy. A quick reminder of these steps is as follows: 

Refreshing our site sustainability standards to focus on initiatives that directly reduce emissions  

Offsetting 100% of any remaining emissions from construction activity across all building sites in Australia  

Partnering with clients and industry groups to lead the uptake of low embodied carbon materials 

Supporting supplier innovation in low carbon manufacturing techniques. 

Part of a bigger plan 

Lendlease Building’s commitment to decarbonise construction is part of our global focus on carbon emissions reduction, as part of Lendlease's commitment to climate action in our Sustainability Framework.