Building the next generation of workplaces

At Lendlease, we’re not just in the business of commercial real estate; we’re in the business of helping that commercial real estate work and thrive through supporting its organisations and people.

Workplace of the future
  • 13 Nov 2019
  • by
  • Natalie Slessor
And in building the next generation of workplaces, we’re focused on investing in the business of productivity. 

It’s why we’re proud to bring you The Local Office – innovative shared spaces where employees can work in their local area, to complement their traditional office space and improve their wellbeing and focus. 

Created through customer needs

Feedback from progressive and contemporary precincts like Barangaroo in Sydney indicated that the inability to focus and get in the zone was a major stressor for employees. Instead of people having to change their working hours to access uninterrupted time, we wanted to create spaces that are better designed for thinking. 

A very local place to work

Created by our workplace experts, The Local Office is a solution to both deep focus requirements and work-life flexibility. Created in satellite locations close to where employees live, The Local Office is an exclusive membership office, offering professional, tech-enabled workspaces designed for occasional use. Unlike a co-working space, The Local Office is a shared sanctuary for Lendlease members’ employees to get some headspace and get things done, while saving time on commuting. 

The Local Office Manly is the first of these innovative offices, with future offices designed to evolve with members’ growing and changing needs. Early feedback from customers is that it is a unique employee value proposition, providing a work-life solution with performance at its heart. 

Join a new approach to work

If you would like to try out The Local Office, individual and corporate packages can be arranged for clients and their employees. Visit TheLocaloffice.com to find out more or email hello@thelocaloffice.com 
Workplace of the future