Being waterwise at Alkimos Beach and Alkimos Vista

Climate Change is already impacting communities around Australia and the world. Climate Action, one of our six sustainability focus areas, sees Lendlease respond to changing climates in the communities we work with. Efforts made on our Alkimos Beach and Alkimos Vista Community Projects, located ~40 kms north of Perth and delivered in partnership with Development WA, are bringing the fight against climate change to the forefront, with some clever initiatives designed to see these communities thrive well into the future.  

  • 2 Feb 2020
  • by
  • Lendlease Author Better Places

Current modelling estimates Perth’s water demand will outweigh current supply in the near future, leading to water shortages as climate change sees rainfall diminish and groundwater resources depleted. In response, the Lendlease teams at Alkimos Beach and Alkimos Vista communities are tackling their response to these challenges in various distinct ways.  

Community Education – 

  • Landscaping workshops and one-on-one eco-coaching is provided to educate customers on sustainable and water wise gardening and indoor water use 
  • Interpretive signage trials have been installed to help educate our customers and visitors on the benefits of water sensitive urban design and efficiency measures 

Water Smart Design – 

  • Water efficient fixtures and systems are mandatory in all homes and form an integral part of the community’s design 
  • Complementary front gardens have a minimum mandate of 20% unsealed surface, to optimise water infiltration  
  • The public realm and front gardens include a wide range of native plants to enhance biodiversity and minimise maintenance and water use  

Innovation –  

  • New irrigation monitoring and management platform being trialled to reduce overall water used across both communities