Bright Darling Square – connecting businesses one volunteer at a time

Our philosophy is simple; Lendlease understands it isn’t the laying of the last brick which signals success, but building a community to leave a lasting legacy. In partnership with The Sirolli Institute, Lendlease created the Bright Business Programme aimed to connect established and emerging entrepreneurs within the precinct with skilled professionals to fast track success. 

  • 27 Feb 2020
  • by
  • Lendlease Author Better Places

90 per cent of start-ups fail in the first year due to lack of support and guidance. Recognising the potential of the community at Darling Square, the Bright Business programme established three clear objectives to increase the success of start-ups: 

  • to build a reputation where ideas are welcome in a new city precinct  
  • to create a supportive ecosystem for established and emerging entrepreneurs; and 
  • to create social connection across the community. 

By word of mouth, the programme has already attracted over 30 entrepreneurs with the help of 90 skilled resource team members. One-on-one facilitation has supported entrepreneurs across a wide range of areas, including financial literacy for women, cultural food taste tours and digital software development to help launch ideas to market.  

The Bright Business Programme is one example of Lendlease’s Sustainability Framework in action. Supporting our Social Focus areas Community Inclusion and Economic Participation areas, the programme will provide the missing gap for entrepreneurs seeking support.   

The Bright Business Programme is a free and confidential offering available for workers in Haymarket, Ultimo and Darling Square. For more information refer to The Bright Business Programme here.