Lendlease volunteers with OzHarvest

Our volunteers have packed 600 food hampers for those in need.

  • 3 Jul 2020
  • by
  • Edmund McCombs

As part of our ongoing partnership, Lendlease volunteers took part in packing food hampers for those in need at OzHarvest’s head office in Sydney last month.  

Over 600 food hampers, which equates to over 7,000kg of food, were packed by our volunteers and taken to OzHarvest’s Waterloo market, which services vulnerable families in need in the local area. 

Volunteers also sorted and stacked 100 crates of oranges for OzHarvest’s 'For Purpose Co Juice for Good Machines' – that’s 8,000 oranges! 

With more than a million people now relying on welfare, there are so many new families turning to food relief for the first time.  

‘It’s such a blessing to have OzHarvest, providing free food for those in need in our community. A lot of families are struggling big time, but with the food they can create proper meals.’ - Cecilia, charity representative. 

‘I’m so glad I had an opportunity to volunteer, it was hard work but rewarding knowing that I was doing something that would help those less fortunate.’ - Mina Mills, Lendlease volunteer.  

"Right from the beginning of the outbreak, I think people have answered the call to action in so many different ways. The hamper packing has been a really good way of being able to help and knowing that the efforts are really helping people. For me personally, the opportunity came up at the right time when I was starting to wonder if there were ways of helping people in need on a regular basis." - Jo Masini, Lendlease volunteer. 

Lendlease has partnered with OzHarvest to help grow their Nourish program through opening a training facility in Newcastle for local young people to gain valuable skills and education in the fields of hospitality and culinary works.