2020 CareerSeekers Spotlight

CareerSeekers intern Junaid shares his incredible journey and project highlights from One Sydney Harbour.

  • 8 Oct 2020
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  • Lendlease Author Better Places

Our corporate partner CareerSeekers recently hosted Spotlight, celebrating interns and their achievements.  

Lendlease intern Mohammad Junaid (Junaid) shared his incredible journey from Rakhine State in Myanmar to Australia and spoke about his time with us. 

Joining the One Sydney Harbour team as a Site Engineer, he completed his summer internship in January and secured casual part time work during the first semester of this year. 

Junaid shares his project highlights:  

What do you love about your role? 

"I loved being able to gain practical experience, seeing the theoretical things I've been learning for years at university finally coming to life. Being able to network with engineers, and understand the professionalism required of Lendlease and the industry, how to do things the right way."

What’s been your favourite thing about working on One Sydney Harbour?  
"My favourite part of my internship and work on One Sydney Harbour was witnessing how everything on the project came to life. No matter how much theory you study, nothing compares to seeing it with your own eyes."

What’s been one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in the role and how have you overcome this? 
"The biggest challenge was the first couple of days, I didn't have an understanding yet of what I needed to do, what the responsibilities were going to be, and how I could make contributions. Then I decided to sit down with my seniors and interview them about their initial stage of their careers and how they overcame the obstacles they faced. I have interviewed almost 12-15 more senior staff including my construction director, manager, supervisor, designer, project manager and foreman.  

After interviewing them I had clarity of my own responsibilities. After 2 weeks I settled in well and knew what I was doing and what was expected of me."

Edmund McCombs, Head of External Partnerships, said "our work with CareerSeekers, and various other key Lendlease partners, will be crucial in supporting our target to create $250 million in social value by 2025."