The Australian - Dusseldorp: Vision that endures

Google the term “giving back” and you get about 2 billion results. Or, you could just read (thanks The Australian) about our partnership with The Pure Collective, which is helping empower disadvantaged people who have fallen through the gaps in our social system.

  • 9 Dec 2020
  • by
  • Lendlease Author Better Places

The Pure Collective, who now operate our Barangaroo café and delivers catering across our workplace, donates all their profits to charity to fund training, housing and meals. Our head of corporate real estate, Luke Greenwood, says our partnership with the group can be traced back to our founder, Dick Dusseldorp, and his unwavering commitment towards doing the right thing. “Dick was a pioneer in advocating the need for business to justify its worth to society, and he made it the Lendlease way."

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