A Sense of Place

One of the many benefits of apartment living is having everything you need on your doorstep. From personalised concierge and wellbeing services to handpicked restaurants, cafes and convenience offers it is easy to see why more people are converting to apartment living.

Urban Regeneration
  • 18 Oct 2021
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At Lendlease we focus on creating the best places inside and outside of your home. Our attention to detail extends beyond your apartment walls with enticing luxury amenities for exclusive use by our residents all while living in an inclusive and innovative neighbourhood. We consider every aspect of life, bringing you more than just a residential space but rather a world-class living experience. 

Discover the benefits of being part of one of Lendlease’s carefully curated places.

An extension of home 

Place is about people's connection to a physical environment and the experiences that provide both an emotional attachment and a sense of belonging. Its public spaces, interpretative art, and unique architecture, designed with sustainability and wellbeing front and centre that create desirable and sustainable places to live, work and enjoy.

Our master planned urban communities offer residents boundless opportunities to explore, connect and re-energise whether it be a cup of coffee from a barista that knows your name to the latest restaurant, bars, or cultural experience. 

Effective urban greening is an essential ingredient to creating healthy, productive and resilient cities. We also understand the importance of reconnecting with nature. Our places provide the opportunity to switch off from the rest of the world even if just for a little while, surrounded by greenery in one of our many parks and open spaces.

From laneways to lights displays, we aim to create places that leave a positive legacy for the people who live, work, and play in our places.

Explore some of our great urban places.

Lendlease_DarlingSqaure_16102019_DK89.jpgDarling Square 

DRP728_253.jpgVictoria Harbour

Creating connection

We are also committed to developing public places and programs which help foster community cohesion and wellbeing, creating connections and stories which are integral to giving meaning to the places we call home.

This includes co-creating opportunities for our residents to connect. Many of our buildings feature places where you can meet with friends and neighbours in the luxuriously appointed dining rooms, libraries, and lounges or at one of our neighbourhood or community events.

Our projects are also located in thriving metropolises that celebrate the arts and value culture in equal measure. Enjoy drama, music, art, fine food and the city’s most exclusive boutique shopping all on your doorstep.

Explore some of our connected communities.

Elephant Park  Johnny Green 234.jpgElephant Park

Elephant Park  Johnny Green 210.jpgIQL

Enhance your everyday 

It is well known that physical activity is beneficial for the mind, body, and spirit. Spaces that allow you to set your intentions for the day and honour your personal growth, enrichment, and wellbeing are one of the many benefits of resident only amenities.

At Lendlease, our residents enjoy carefully curated spaces to unwind and recharge. From luxurious swimming pools to decadent spa and steam rooms to state-of-the-art gymnasiums, these spaces are designed to inspire your daily regimen.

Explore some of our developments with luxurious resident amenities.

LLSY10622_One Sydney Harbour_EL02_Cutaway_Disclaimer.jpgOne Sydney Harbour

7 277 Fifth Avenue.jpg277 5th Avenue


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Urban Regeneration