20 Years of Milestones!

Lendlease Communities celebrates 20 years since officially closing on their first privatized military housing community, Fort Hood Family Housing.

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  • 18 Nov 2021
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  • Lendlease Author Better Places
Through a series of key achievements in the areas of development, sustainability, and military partnerships, Lendlease Communities has helped pave the way for the entire military housing privatization initiative, and set new standards for both privatized military housing and lodging that will continue to drive the industry forward for decades to come.

To commemorate this milestone anniversary, Lendlease Communities is celebrating with its military partners, residents, and employees across its portfolio of 40,000 homes and nearly 13,000 hotel rooms under the tagline “20 years of milestones.”

In a press release listing the 20 milestones, Managing Director of Lendlease Communities stated, “Without these 20 milestones and many more achieved by Lendlease Communities over the past 20 years, the military housing sector as a whole would look much different today.”

A few Lendlease senior leaders penned articles on LinkedIn sharing their own personal experiences as part of the Lendlease Communities team over the years. These can be read via the links:
We have made a difference in short time. Soldiers and their families were living in old, dilapidated buildings and now those places are vibrant communities with newly renovated or constructed homes and quality amenities like parks and playgrounds. 

And we’re by no means done. In 2021 we secured a historic, $1.1 billion loan agreement that will allow us to execute on improvement plans at five Army installations over the next five years, including $420 million to be invested in Fort Hood, where it all began for us. 
Performance and Leadership