Lendlease America’s CEO Denis Hickey profiled in the Australian Financial Review!

Back in October, Lendlease Global Chief Operating Officer & Chief Executive Officer Americas Denis Hickey sat down with the Australian Financial Review to discuss how Lendlease plans to navigate a volatile global supply chain post-covid, how utilizing the best local talent puts Lendlease ahead of the competition, and finally how success in the regions has influenced the company’s restructuring to a more ‘global’ business model.

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  • 2 Dec 2021
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  • Lendlease Author Better Places

The article, “Lendlease sees endless opportunities in Google, supply crisis” opens with a short anecdote about the difficulties in sourcing basic materials such as stainless-steel spray cans, before Denis optimistically explains how the business intends to capitalize on disruptions that arise from the pandemic: “You’ve got to have the ability to absorb these movements in your business. Whenever things are so visible that everyone can read the same numbers then it’s hard to see where the opportunity is, so sometimes a bit of disruption creates an opportunity for you to see something that somebody else doesn’t. It’s not the worst thing in the world.” 

With such disruptions comes fierce competition, but as Denis explains in the article, the depth of talent that Lendlease has access to in local markets directly translates to success in those regions: “You’ve got to know which side of the street is the better side of the street, you have to know where the bodies are buried, figuratively speaking. You can’t be a fly-in, fly-out person. It’s all about getting the right local people and getting the right talent locally.” The article goes on to identify this regional success, mentioning both 1 Java in Brooklyn, New York, as well as our overall success in multi-family housing across the U.S. 

In referencing these ‘wins’, as well as our successful partnership with Google, the article quickly segues to the larger issue of restructuring, explaining how Lendlease’s restructure aims to empower the regions to have more autonomy and accountability moving forward: “When we’ve got so much investment in other regions, we need to move from being an Australian business that has international operations, to becoming a global business that has Australian heritage. It’s about putting more empowerment back into the four regions to say, right, you’re accountable now for a lot of the decisions in your region.”

To read the full article, please click here to download the PDF. 

Performance and Leadership