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Building Cities from Scratch: How Lendlease is Digitizing the Supply Chain in Construction

In light of recent supply chain crises as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lendlease are utilizing automation and digitization to redefine the entire life cycle of a building – from the procurement of materials to the design of the buildings themselves – in the hope that a similar crisis can be avoided in the future. Lendlease Digital’s Chief Product Officer and Head of Design Prof. Daryl Patterson, and Global Head of Business Michelle Zamora, discuss the new digital platform Podium, and how it stands to bring supply automation for the construction industry into the modern day.

  • 14 Feb 2022
  • by
  • Harry Plumptre
  • Corporate Affairs & Marketing
Historically, automation has seen a slow adoption across the construction industry, due to a lack of collaboration and information sharing between networks. Lendlease are looking to change that by implementing digital solutions across supply chains to increase overall productivity, as well as visibility into the economic and environmental impact of a building’s core materials: “When implementing digital solutions across supply chains, it is feasible to determine materials usage and assess the carbon impact.” This visibility into the impact of a buildings materials is essential considering the rapid rise in ESG investing in recent years, and serves as a huge step in achieving our ambitious Mission Zero goals. 

How does Lendlease plan to achieve these increased levels of productivity and visibility? Enter: Podium. A cloud-based software platform that provides the property and construction industry with an array of digital products and services that simplify the complexities of the built world. By utilizing Podium’s supply automation platform, Lendlease can visibly track and trace materials more efficiently, and in doing so is “taking the guesswork out of construction and making it more predictive and sure.” 

Embracing digitized supply chains not only makes sourcing materials more seamless, but it allows for a manufacturing process known as ‘adaptive fabrication’, where construction materials are made off-site as opposed to fabricating them on active, space-constrained work sites: “There will be a paradigm shift from manually creating a bespoke design by construction architects to digitally automating it.” 
Podium’s supply automation platform enables suppliers, developers, and project managers to have a clear line of communication, in real time. The platform allows Lendlease to design the construction materials to meet the requirements of world-leading suppliers such as Stora Enso, who specialize in sustainable timber. This accuracy of data and level of flexibility is only possible through a digitalized platform, and is no doubt set to change the way our world is built: “I believe in having one source of truth with a trusted data source system, and the only way of doing that is through digitalization.” 

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