Brisbane 2032 golden decade commences

The Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games promise to generate a magnitude of economic benefits for Brisbane and Queensland and will create an opportunity to deliver generational social, environmental, and place-making change.

Urban Regeneration
  • 26 Jul 2022
  • by
  • Justin Davies

Here in Queensland, Australia we talk a lot about maximising the double golden decades – the one leading into the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the one leading out. 

The modern Olympic and Paralympic Games represents a unique opportunity for any city that is fortunate enough to have been successful in their bid. 

London is about to celebrate the end of its first post-Olympic decade. Throughout their double golden decade, Lendlease has participated in the growth of London, partnering with government and community to develop city shaping projects that were conceived pre-Olympics. 

London’s ten-year anniversary has provided an opportunity to reflect on the significant progress made since that incredible summer in 2012. Brisbane, we must look at these lessons learned to understand the projects that embody the Olympic vision needed for our own incredible summer. 

The prospect of the Games afforded London and its residents with new sporting facilities and major infrastructure improvements, with transport for London investing $6.5b GBP in its transport network in preparations for the Games. 

International Quarter London, a $5.1 billion new mix-used development and innovation district was an incredible project born from the Olympics’ momentum. 

Located at the gateway to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in the heart of East London’s Stratford it features 683 apartments and retail amenities. Visitors can enjoy a collection of parks, canal walks, and world-class sporting facilities connected via multi-modal transport links all within walking distance. 

With this investment London has continued to expand with a clear appetite for continued investment. The development of International Quarter London remains ongoing with the entire precinct due for completion in 2030. 

These multi-decade opportunities can supercharge the economy, fast-track infrastructure, attract investment and create a lasting impact while celebrating our athletes in true Australian spirit. 

It also brings an opportunity to spotlight our regions, demonstrating the potential and benefits they bring to our wider economy.

Over the next decade we must continue to work together to keep up with changing consumer priorities, technological advancements, and the increasing pressures of climate change. 

Success will depend on continued teamwork. Lendlease has been involved in the delivery of Games across the globe for the last 25 years and we are ready to play our role. 

As a city, state, and nation, we are afforded the opportunity to address major city shaping transformation, that tackles affordable housing challenges and identifies the opportunities for urbanisation that aligns with the investment in infrastructure needed for 2032.

The whole world comes together for the Games, play by the same rules, honouring the same Olympic spirit. Let us make the 2032 Olympics notable for another type of collaboration.

Over the next decade we must continue to work together to keep up with changing consumer priorities, technological advancements, and the increasing pressures of climate change.  As with the Olympics, when we look to solve these challenges together, we can have a much more significant impact. 

International Quarter London

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