Australian Supplier Awards 2022

Last week Lendlease hosted tour 2022 Australian Supplier Awards event, to recognise the many suppliers we work with who help us make a difference in the communities where we live, work and operate in.

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  • 12 Aug 2022
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Last week Lendlease hosted tour 2022 Australian Supplier Awards event, to recognise the many suppliers we work with who help us make a difference in the communities where we live, work and operate in.

Australian based Lendlease employees were asked to nominate suppliers they’ve worked with over the last 12 months that have demonstrated outstanding work across five award categories, including Safety, Innovation, Sustainability, First Nations and Digital.

Nominations were reviewed by our judging panel, which was made up of internal Lendlease employees who are experts in their award field. Nominated suppliers went into a very competitive pool that our judges then scored based on the answers provided by entrants. 

On Thursday 4th August we hosted our Australian Supplier Awards event to officially award our winners and celebrate their great work over the last year.

Please join us in congratulating our 2022 suppliers of the year:

Safety Award - @A.G. Coombs
For their innovative solution surrounding the design manufacture, supply and install of ductwork modules on our Sydney Metro Martin Place Integrated Project.

Innovation Award - @Grasshopper Environmental
For their joint venture with Bungarribee Connection, committed to delivering genuine and tangible outcomes for local Aboriginal communities and the environment.

Sustainability Award - @Christie Civil 
For their consistent and proactive delivery on sustainability initiatives. Actions include reducing carbon emissions through the use of 5% biodiesel for their plant and excavators and minimising waste by re-using 20% of material on site.  

Digital Award @Schindler 
For their work with Lendlease to lay the foundation for a highly efficient elevator planning and installation process, by opening their digital platform and corresponding API to enable elevator planning integration with Lendlease Podium. 

First Nations Business Award - @Hansen Constructions NQ
For their work on creating local employment opportunities and engagement with other Supply Nation accredited business. 

We look forward to hosting next year’s event and opening this up to our global Supply Chain!h LL97 doesn’t pose any major issues as many of the standards will be woven into the project as it’s built. For the approximately 50,000 existing structures in the city, however, compliance is already being considered a more daunting challenge. 

In a city that contains nearly 11% of the total office inventory in the US, LL97 is well-timed. As many companies continue to implement fully remote or hybrid work policies, space requirements for office tenants has reduced dramatically, meaning Class B office buildings are struggling to remain competitive. Recognizing this, many office landlords will look to refurbish their empty spaces or convert them for multifamily use. Market trends such as this one align well with the logistics of construction, as unoccupied spaces are easier, faster and more economical to upgrade with the energy-efficient systems that will be required by LL97. 

Demand control ventilation, upgrades to lighting systems, and installation of occupancy sensors are some elements of a LL97-compliant renovation, all of which can be identified and implemented by companies with design-build experience such as Lendlease. As an estimated 90% of New York buildings that will exist in 2050 are standing now, identifying improvements and retrofitting the existing built environment has never been more important… Local Law 97 presents the incentive to get to work. 

Performance and Leadership