Building Healthier Urban Futures through Development

With health inextricably linked to the places we inhabit, Lendlease and Centric Lab have collaborated to create an Urban Health Toolkit. Focused on healthy placemaking, this toolkit assesses and frames the key issues that influence health and suggests processes and ideas to help guide urban development decision making.

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  • 27 Jan 2023
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From the air we breathe to the resources we access and the social connections we make, the rise and rise of urban living has inevitably impacted on people’s mental and physical health and has increasingly been linked to a city’s real estate.

With our Lendlease ambition to always create the best and most sustainable places, we have partnered with the Urban Health Council to better understand what is needed to improve people’s health in urban developments. This has led to an investment in the creation of a new framing towards health in cities with our ground-breaking Urban Health Toolkit, developed for us by the health focused neuroscience team at Centric Lab.

Assessing neurobiological research, Centric Lab reviewed real-world situations and learnings about the effects that urban environments have on people’s health. Out of these findings our toolkit was created to support decision-makers in the urban built sector with practical ideas that can help enable healthier surroundings and better health outcomes for people living in urban developments and for the communities around them.

Our human centric Urban Health Tool Kit will help: Image

Our human centric Urban Health Tool Kit will help:

• Improve understanding about health generally and especially in the context of the urban built environment

• Demonstrate through a framing system the impacts of eight key areas ranging from climate change to data and housing

• Provide six urban health principles focused on healing, rest, social, inclusivity, equity and nature that can guide decision making in urban development

• Share example ideas as to how our six principles could be embedded into different aspects of urban development

About Our Partners

Urban Health Council Image

Urban Health Council

Set up by Centric Lab, the Urban Health Council is a non-profit organisation that advocates for a better understanding of the health issues of urban people. It works at the city policy, practice and advocacy levels to establish the appropriate knowledge infrastructure to improve public health outcomes

Centric Lab Image

Centric Lab

The Urban Health Council was set up by Centric Lab, a health focused neuroscience lab based in London. Since 2017, Centric Lab has been working with private, public, and third sector organisations to improve public health outcomes. It has worked with Lendlease across our IQL and Elephant Park schemes.

Download the Urban Health Toolkit report summary. 

In this you will find out more about the structure and content of the toolkit and how to use it, the topic areas covered and some examples of how Lendlease is putting the toolkit into action.

If you would like to request access to the full toolkit with all the findings and ideas on how to embed health principles into all elements of urban development, please contact:

Misa von Tunzelman, Lendlease Europe


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