SUSIE - Head of Community INVESTMENT, Europe


Lendlease in Europe’s second employee, Susie, joined in July 1994, just as the company acquired The Yarmouth Group. “There were seven of them and two of us!”.

“I came for a week as a temp and I’m still here.” 

Susie’s first role was Executive Assistant to the CEO, Peter Walichnowski. “I have had great opportunities working for Lendlease,” she said.

The opening of Bluewater was a proud day for everyone, especially Susie.  “I was lucky enough to have looked after Stuart Hornery when he was in the UK every six weeks during Bluewater’s delivery; he was a visionary and probably one of the most inspiring people I’ve met.”  

Susie’s Secondment

Susie is currently seconded to Elephant Park – “a once in a generation project”. 

The precinct will hold 3,000 new homes, over 50 shops and restaurants and a new park. Susie said the area “Will bring real social and economic benefits to what is currently a deprived area in London.”

Susie said, “There have been many proud moments along the way and there will be plenty more to come I am sure”.