Lendlease Australia responds: Biobanks at Figtree Hill

  • 29 Jan 2021
Twenty-two hectares of area nominated as core and potential koala habitat in Campbelltown City Council’s Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management will be protected and conserved within three biobanks – Macarthur-Onslow BioBank, Noorumba-Mt Gilead BioBank and Hillsborough BioBank. In fact, our biobanks will provide the highest level of land use protections and conservation outcomes possible on private land.

The locations of our biobanks (see map below) were determined using several criteria, including the quality of existing remnant bushland, proximity to existing adjacent bushland and ability to contribute to the growth of the Campbelltown koala population. 
  • Our Noorumba-Mt Gilead BioBank forms part of the Menangle Creek corridor as nominated by the NSW Chief Scientist.
  • Our Macarthur-Onslow BioBank is located directly adjacent to the heritage-listed Mount Gilead Estate.
  • Our Hillsborough BioBank is located in the centre of our site and protects the last remaining Iron Bark Forest on the site.

These important biobanks form part of our program of conservation actions supported by local, state and federal government, and will ensure the protection of critically endangered Sandstone Shale Transition Forest and Cumberland Plain Woodland.

For more detailed information, please refer to the documents available here

NB: Beulah and Noorumba biobank sites fall outside our Figtree Hill development and aren’t managed by Lendlease.