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Milan, Italy

Milano Santa Giulia

Milano Santa Giulia is a 110-hectare mixed-use development with the potential for 3,400 homes alongside a new commercial office, retail, and entertainment district. Aiming for zero carbon emissions, the project will create a more sustainable and well-connected neighbourhood for people to work, live and enjoy. Based on a biophilic design inspired by a green leaf, it will connect the built and natural environments. Milano Santa Giulia is being developed as a space for community engagement, with art installations and strategic partnerships aiming to deliver social value to the area.

Project at a glance

Milano Santa Giulia

Completion Date
Expected completion 2034

Project Categories
Development, Construction, Investment, Asset Management

Estimated Value
$4.2 billion

Project Structure
Land management

Project Scheme
Mixed-use scheme to be delivered in multiple phases including:

  • 91,000 sqm office
  • 3,251 apartments
  • 75,000 sqm retail, leisure, and arena

As at 30 Jun 2022. Estimated project value, details and completion date reported in Lendlease Full Year Results, 30 June 2022. Figures in AUD.

Project vision

Aiming for zero carbon emissions, Milano Santa Giulia will create a sustainable combination of residential areas, green spaces, offices, commercial areas, and venues of cultural interest. The site is being developed as a space for community engagement and will feature art installations and strategic partnerships that deliver social value.

Designed to be resilient to the impacts of climate change, innovative materials, technology, and construction methods will be used to reduce the project’s carbon budget by 50% compared to similar projects. The project is the first urban district in Italy to be registered to the LEED Neighbourhood Development Protocol, a benchmark for sustainability.

Spark One and Spark Two were designed to achieve WELL Gold Certification which recognises buildings that support health and wellbeing. Completed in 2022, Spark One brings 28,000 sqm, and Spark Two a further 18,000 sqm, of office and retail space.

Project highlights