Everything we do, we do for our customers

Our customers

Successful customer relationships depend on our ability to understand what is truly important to customers and then delivering what they want.


Customer experience research

Over the past three years, our global customer experience research program has been embedded across all regions.

The program helps us understand how customers perceive their experiences with us and identify where we can improve. It also guides decision making on customer experience improvement planning and new product and service development.

In FY20, approximately 25,000 customers participated in our customer satisfaction (C-SAT rating) and loyalty (NPS rating) research, an increase of approximately ten percent on FY19. Notwithstanding the impact of events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit and the Australian bushfires, our performance this year remained steady and positive.

Our customer snapshot

Our customers range from individuals to the largest government, investment and corporate organisations.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Our focus on diversity and inclusion starts in the way we hire, so that our workforce represents the diversity in society, and runs through our programs so our people are included and have a voice.

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Health & Safety

Everyone has the right to go home safely. We remain committed to the health and safety of our people, our subcontractors, and all of those who interact with a Lendlease place.

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We pride ourselves on reaching industry firsts – not just because they’re milestones, but because they’re signals that we’re pushing ourselves for new and better outcomes for people and the planet.