Lendlease and Houston Action Lab

Lendlease joins forces with Housing Action Lab to tackle Australia’s housing affordability challenges

  • 12 Dec 2023
A new pioneering partnership exploring housing solutions in Australia

Lendlease has announced a collaboration with the Housing Action Lab, an initiative by Business Models Inc. and Q Shelter, uniting sector leaders to address issues facing the housing sector in Australia. 

As a Foundation Partner, we lead one of the Housing Action Lab's five key focus areas, Affordable Housing. Leveraging our expertise in residential development and sustainable urban solutions, we are working with other private and public sector organisations to address the urgent challenge of housing affordability in Australia.

The Housing Action Lab adopts a systems-thinking approach, bringing together diverse stakeholders from the not-for-profit and private sectors. The goal of this group is to collaboratively develop solutions to Australia's housing issues that are scalable, impactful and fully realisable.

Being recognised as a leader in the property industry, Lendlease is uniquely placed to lead this outcomes-driven conversation. Through a series of innovation sprints, we will:

  • Understand the issues and prioritise the problem areas.
  • Ideate and develop solutions.
  • Test and refine ideas.
  • Ensure scalability for impact.

Our partners and collaborators

Joining Lendlease, Q Shelter and Business Models Inc. in this sprint to address housing affordability are:

  • BlueCHP: Australia's leading community housing provider, committed to delivering affordable housing solutions.
  • Multicap: Known for its impactful community-centric disability support services, Multicap's endeavours have left an indelible mark on the community.
  • Fisher & Paykel: An iconic brand, Fisher & Paykel epitomises innovation and curiosity, bringing a unique dimension to this collaboration.
  • Urbis: Experts in urban planning and design, Urbis's legacy is rooted in its commitment to sculpting cities and communities for a prosperous future.
  • Creating Positive Futures: Specialising in social impact housing projects focusing on diverse project management and social outcomes. Their approach delivers more than housing supply - creating ownership and more vibrant and sustainable communities for all.

Anne Jolic, Director of Operations, Development, Lendlease Australia, said:

"Housing diversity and affordability play a vital role in securing the long-term growth and prosperity of our cities. When cities excel in offering diverse housing options, they attract and retain talent but also drive economic growth, ensuring sustained success and competitiveness on the global stage."

"We welcome the opportunity to partner with Housing Action Lab and lead this important collaboration to drive innovative and realisable solutions for the chronic housing affordability issues our cities are facing, and in turn, help to address the significant implications unaffordable housing has on Australians."

Michael Eales, Founder of Housing Action Lab, said:

"The collaborative efforts and co-design approach of the Housing Action Lab is more than a methodology, it's a commitment to inclusivity and excellence. We see this is needed now more than ever in the housing sector and is pivotal in shaping sustainable, impactful housing action and outcomes. Together, with Q Shelter and our incredible network of industry leaders, we are not just designing housing and homelessness solutions; we are crafting the blueprint for tomorrow's communities."

"The launch of our alliance with Lendlease, BlueCHP Urbis, MultiCap, Creating Positive Solutions and Fisher & Paykel is not just a milestone for the Housing Action Lab; it's a beacon of hope for future the future of affordable housing here in Australia. We are charting unexplored territories with a vision to redefine what affordable housing means in Australia."

Fiona Caniglia, Executive Director of Q Shelter, said:

"The Housing Action Lab process has been an innovative way to bring new thinking to some of the wicked problems we face as a housing and homelessness sector and explore new opportunities that seek to address sustainable and resilient housing supply, affordability issues, and preventing homelessness."

"Q Shelter has been thrilled to support the HAL process overall and actively participate in the tables to ensure all options for housing are explored to their maximum potential."

"It is our hope that governments of all persuasions, the private sector, philanthropy, and other funding partners not only take these ideas seriously but also seek to partner to deliver them."

Find out more about the Housing Action Lab.

Beyond the immediate focus on housing affordability led by Lendlease, the Housing Action Lab has identified a range of challenges that require innovative solutions, including:

  1. The Joy of Affordability: Emphasising the importance of affordable living and housing.
  2. New Funding Models: Exploring innovative funding models to support older women in housing.
  3. New Ways to Operate: Investigating novel operating models and envisioning the future of housing.
  4. Inclusive Brisbane 2032: Addressing housing affordability and homelessness in the lead-up to the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games. This team developed a Blueprint for a Homeness Trust, aiming to provide pathways to home and end homelessness in Brisbane by 2032.



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