Chikusenso Mt Zao Resort & Spa Image
Miyagi, Japan

Chikusenso Mt Zao Resort & Spa

The project commenced with Mingly, Atelier Hitoshi Abe and Kajima. Lendlease joined the project in August 2008.

Chikusenso Mt Zao Resort & Spa

Mingly Corporation

Miyagi, Japan


Total floor area: 5,500 square meters, Site area: 66,000 square meters

Cost Management

Basic design: Atelier Hitoshi Abe, Interior design: Hashimoto yukio design studio, FFE: ILYA Corporation, Exterior: Shokuko

Project outcome

Mingly had agreed to the estimate of the construction cost submitted by Kajima and most of the buildings were already demolished. During the demolition work, major damage in the largest building frame was found. Due to this finding, the original estimate needed to be changed to a large extent.

Mingly directed to reduce the construction cost and Lendlease reviewed value engineering both for construction and interior works in cooperation with Atelier Abe and Kajima.

Due to the economic conditions after Lehman's fall, the overall works were divided into the exterior and interior works.

While taking a short span to commence the exterior works, Lendlease and Atelier Abe examined various case studies and reviewed a cost, pros and cons for each case study. Lendlease negotiated with Kajima for the construction cost, and the total cost including interior works was reduced from the original estimate.

The completion had been initially scheduled in January 2010. However, it was rescheduled to mid February 2010 due to many changes including a significant layout change of the spa. In addition, Lendlease also managed the overall cost estimate by review. Each item of FFE, exterior supplier, hotel system and IT vendor was also reviewed by sampling.

Some more changes were to be made after the handover, most of the changes were completed by the pre-opening day.

Lendlease contributed to the project success by overall cost-controlling in relation to the construction works despite a series of major changes and other difficult factors.