Kanda Manseibashi Building Image
Tokyo, Japan

Kanda Manseibashi Building

This is a new construction project of an environmentally considerate office building, which is characterized by the red brick arch of viaduct, built at a former Chuo-line Manseibashi Station. The building is conveniently located from Akihabara, Kanda, Ochanomizu, and Awaji-cho stations.


Kanda Manseibashi Building

East Japan Railway Company

Tokyo, Japan


Approximately 28,500 square metres

Concept Design, Project Management (Green building advisory)

JR East Design Corporation

Project outcome

Kanda Manseibashi building is twenty stories above ground and two stories underground, with an approximate GFR of 28,500 square metres.

During the planning phase, the Lendlease Design team from Australia took part in the project's concept design, and organised a tour to visit green buildings that Lendlease was formerly in charge of within Australia. Lendlease proposed the installation of the building’s Winter Garden - a space where windows can be opened, and which can improve the office working environment.