La Porte Shinsaibashi Image
Osaka, Japan

La Porte Shinsaibashi

La Porte Shinsaibashi

La Tour Property

Osaka, Japan


Approximately 3,900 square metres

Project Management

Plantech Architects

Project outcome

Tenants such as ZARA's Kansai flagship shop, restaurants and a hair & beauty salon have opened. The building is located at the cross section of Nagahori Street and Shinsaibashi Suji Shopping Mall, directly connected with Shinsaibashi Station. With its strategic location, the area attracts many pedestrians passing to and fro daily.

In the construction phase, careful countermeasures were required to prevent damage to third parties and noise vibrancy to the neighbourhood and underground mall.

Lendlease was retained by the Client to provide services for the benefit of a loan bank and a capital investor, including validation of the plan, preparation of reports, assistance of contracts related construction works, periodic monitoring of the construction works, bidding management and management of cost and design changes. In consideration of the Client's budget, we managed the overall project cost control and design changes to ensure accountability of the project process and progress.

The exterior design represents a beautiful luminary woman, and the large LED screen illuminates the building at night.