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Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology

The location of the development is in Onnason Village in Okinawa with 70 hectares in hilly terrain and 7 hectares along the coast. Lendlease has been retained by the Cabinet Office as a project manager since January 2005.

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology

Cabinet Office, Government of Japan, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Promotion Corporation

Okinawa, Japan



Project Management

Nikken Sekkei/ Kornberg Associates/ Kuniken JV

Project outcome

Lendlease started with the task of architect selection process and followed with project scheduling, project organization and the procurement strategy, while explaining the progress of the project to the main stakeholders, including the board members of the graduate school. Lendlease has since been providing services coordinating the Client and the architects, giving advice on the cost schedule, negotiating with neighbours and supporting the Client.

The masterplan was completed and disclosed in January 2006, and the basic design was completed in March 2006. The architect considered Okinawa's unique landform with much natural terrain and rich environment while capitalizing on their attractiveness. This was accomplished by focusing expansion around already developed areas and placing buildings so as not to touch the rich natural environment, especially along the narrow stream, using tunnel, vertical shaft, bridges and a skywalk. The researchers will thrive in an environment surrounded by the natural flora.

In the design development phase, Lendlease continued the coordination with the Client, users and the design team. At the same time, Lendlease built up the procurement plan including the scoping, bidding schedule and selection process.

The construction was kicked off in early 2007 from the site development works. The first building work, Laboratory I and Centre Building commenced in March 2008, and was completed January 2010.

The site work included many contractors with variety of construction work such as civil work, bridge work, tunnel excavation, building work and MEP engineering. Lendlease has facilitated the monthly site meeting, coordinated the parties with help from the site supervisors and engaged in troubleshooting on site. In addition to providing overall project management, Lendlease has conducted regular meetings for various preparations of furniture, experimental equipment, information and relocation.