Tasaki & Co, Ginza Image
Tokyo, Japan

Tasaki & Co, Ginza

Tasaki is situated at the 4-chome intersection, which is the junction of Chuo-dori and Harumi-dori in Ginza, Tokyo. Both exterior and interior were removed to renovate the building.

Tasaki & Co, Ginza

Tasaki & Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan


Total Floor Area: Approximately 3,400 square metres

Cost Management

Exterior: office of kumiko inui, Shimizu Corporation
Interior: Garde Co., Ltd.

Project outcome

The retail area covers basement 1 through to the fourth floor, an office area from the fifth to the ninth floor, and a residential area on the tenth floor. The exterior was designed by office Kumiko Inui and Shimizu Corporation, while the interior was deigned by Garde. Lendlease was retained by the Client to provide cost consulting services to manage the project cost.

Lendlease's scope included packaging, procurement and contract method to propose, bidding, estimate validation, negotiation, approval process, design change process, budget planning and management. Lendlease gave timely and appropriate advice throughout the design phase and construction phase. Lendlease also coordinated with five vendors of the exterior and building works, interior works, air-conditioning, elevator and escalator works, security works and IT works as packaged. As a result, Lendlease contributed the project to be completed in success within the budget and schedule.