Lendlease Europe responds to Building article on the use of cross-laminated timber in the UK

  • 3 Apr 2019
These comments were made in relation to the change in UK regulations which only affects the use of CLT in residential towers that rise more than 18 metres above the ground within the UK. 

In fact, CLT is an innovative product we use and support around the world. It offers a range of benefits over alternative building materials – not least of which is its sustainable credentials. And we plan to continue using the innovative product while adhering to relevant building regulations. 

We used CLT extensively in the construction of Australia’s tallest and largest engineered timber office, Brisbane’s 25 King, as well as at International House in Sydney. Further, Lendlease has used the product for the construction of new military housing in the US.

Lendlease will continue to support new, sustainable and innovative methods of construction across its portfolio around the globe.