Lendlease Europe responds to situation affecting residents at Green Quarter, Manchester

  • 27 Feb 2019
In mid-2018 the residents took current building owners Pemberstone to a tribunal to determine who should pay for the removal of the cladding; the tribunal found the residential leaseholders were responsible for any costs associated to the removal.  

We became aware of this issue after the tribunal. Lendlease previously owned the properties in Green Quarter and had sold some of the leaseholders their homes. However, Lendlease did not design or build either the Vallea Court or Cypress Place buildings within the Green Quarter development as has been erroneously reported.  

Having not owned either properties for considerable time we had very little legal rights to intervene in resolving the cladding issue. Regardless, our aim was to help get a good outcome for the residents and we have been working with all parties involved to enable the remedial works on the cladding to begin without residents having to pay for it.

While it took longer than we had anticipated - these things are never as simple as they seem - an agreement has been reached and the cladding will be replaced without cost to them.   

We do regret the time it has taken to reach a positive outcome for residents. We updated residents as much as possible, through meetings and other communications, but we fully appreciate the process has been unsettling.  

The building owner, Pemberstone will manage this process going forward and will ensure residents are kept informed about forthcoming works.