Lendlease Australia responds to media reports: Jordan Springs East Notation Commitment

  • 15 Dec 2020
Reports suggesting that Lendlease will buy back every home in Jordan Springs East are not correct.

Based on our investigations and expert advice, we firmly believe the vast majority of properties aren’t impacted by excessive settlement, which is localised to approximately 90 houses in the precinct’s Armoury Road area.

Penrith City Council has placed a notation on our customers properties at Jordan Springs East, the vast majority of which we believe are unimpacted.  In response to Council’s actions, we’ve proactively reassured residents – beyond the 90 we believe may be impacted - that we’ll support them in the unlikely event that their property experiences settlement issues beyond the requirements of the Australian Standard.  Investigations by our independent experts indicate that these properties will be unimpacted.

We’re committed to continuing to work with Council on behalf of our customers to remove the notation on those unimpacted properties.

Customers who are concerned can call our dedicated hotline for Jordan Springs East on 1800 906 470 or email jseenquiries@lendlease.com.