UPDATE as of August 25, 2022

In-water construction at the Greenpoint ferry landing is on-going, and we’re happy to see that significant progress has been made. However, the rock socketing process to secure the piles in place is taking longer than expected and we now anticipate the launch of the landing to be at the end of October or early November.

India Street Pier has been and will continue to be open throughout this process. The Greenpoint ferry landing at India Street Pier remains a key resource for the Greenpoint community and future 1 Java development.

We will continue to provide updates on construction progress and communicate the reopening date as soon as it is confirmed, working in partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corporation and NYC Ferry operator.


The current work represents the final phase of a four-step process to restore ferry service:
  1. Investigation: The investigation into the damaged piles is complete.
  2. Engineering: The engineering design process is complete.
  3. Permitting: The permitting process is complete.
  4. Construction: The marine contractor has been selected; redesigned piles were procured, delivered to the site and installed in the waterway; piles are now being secured in the seabed and construction to repair the pier continues.
On May 23, 2021, it was observed that there was a danger to the public due to shifting piles on the floating ferry landing connected to India Street Pier. Lendlease immediately initiated the closing and removal of the ferry landing for assessment. For the safety of ferry passengers and crews, it was clear the ferry landing and supports needed to be rebuilt to be sustainable for the long term as well as operational as soon as possible.

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