• 26 Mar 2018

Richard Kuppusamy, Regional Digital Integration Manager of Lendlease presented ‘Construction 4.0 -The Digital Future Of Construction’, which is aligned with ICW’s theme on 
‘Achieving Peak Productivity though Technology and Innovation’. His presentation touched on the integration of digital technology and processes through innovation, which involves the complete lifecycle of a project, from design and construction to commissioning and operation.  
Through innovation and technology, Lendlease is able to drive peak productivity as well as improve safety practices throughout its projects. For example at the Paya Lebar Quarter project in Singapore, Lendlease has embraced the usage of Integrated Digital Delivery (“IDD”). This goes beyond processes such as Building Information Modelling (“BIM”) to optimise the entire project delivery process from design, construction to operation and maintenance of buildings.   
Dinesh Nambiar, Managing Director of Lendlease Malaysia said, “Lendlease has always been a firm supporter of the Government’s initiatives such as Construction Industry Transformation Programme (“CITP”) 2020. We were amongst the first batch of industry players to sign the CITP pledge in 2015.  The pledge is an industry effort to achieve higher productivity levels through the adoption of improved standards and processes as well as adopting new technologies and modern practices.These innovative technologies that we apply to our project sites have made the processes easier and safer in achieving our Health and Safety standards.”  
Aside from the pledge, Lendlease and CIDB have also been collaborating on the Safety Supervisor Apprenticeship Programme (“SSAP”) which is borne out of CITP 2020 since 2016. 
The collaborative effort is the first structured training programme in Malaysia between the public and private sectors aimed to raise the highest standards of quality, safety and  professionalism to develop highly skilled and competent workforce in the construction industry. This effort is also a reflection of our commitment to safety, enhancing safety training and raising awareness which contribute towards enhancing productivity in the industry. To date, Lendlease has recruited three successful intakes of 34 SSAP apprentices. This effort is also a reflection of our commitment to safety, enhancing safety training and raising awareness which contribute towards enhancing productivity in the industry.  
Innovative solutions are executed in all aspects of our project sites as it goes hand in hand with developing capability. Some of these enhanced capabilities use technologies such as 
BIM, Virtual Design and Construction (“VDC”) and drones. Drone aerial photography for example, gives a better understanding of construction progress and equipment utilisation on our project sites. In similar vein, simple consumer technology such as 360 degree cameras are used to capture immersive views of the construction site to create virtual site walks for safety induction training and allowing observation of construction activity without risk or disruption to site activity.   
At TRX Lifestyle Quarter, laser scanning is used to confirm the boundary conditions of the site and interface to the adjacent infrastructure construction. Laser scanning is an advanced method of survey which assists in the creation of a 3D model which represents the existing buildings or surroundings. This gives accuracy and speed to the integration of the existing with the new design in BIM.  
Additionally, the use of biometrics enhance security and safety on site by allowing the tracking of workers at TRX Lifestyle Quarter project site. The system ensures that only workers with the approved competencies are allowed on site. It also prevents these workers from working beyond their maximum allowable hours, as it tracks work hours clocked by each worker to manage the risk of fatigue and the ratio of supervisors to workers for adequate frontline supervision.   
“Innovation is one of our core values which allows us to try something different and push the envelope to achieve optimal productivity. Our pragmatic view to leveraging technology in all aspects of the project, allows stakeholders to plan and execute construction processes while  ensuring safety, quality, and productivity remains at the forefront. By embracing different perspectives, we can unlock ideas and solve elusive problems. We believe it revolutionises the industry,” Dinesh further added.  

For further information, please contact: 
Norleen Abd Rahman 
Senior Corporate Affairs Manager, Malaysia  Lendlease